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About Fennell Marketing

The #1 Recommended Care Home Marketing Company in the UK

Fennell Marketing is part of the Fennell Care Group who provide services for the care industry including, Fennell Solutions  who are a management team that assist homes that are struggling with preclusions, safe guarding etc. Fennell Recruitment who as you might of guessed recruit staff for Care & Nursing Homes in the UK, and Fennell Financial .

With over 20 years of experience in the care industry we are at the forefront of our market in being able to assess, advise and assist in the direction your Care Home should be moving in.

So much has changed in this industry in recent years making it an ever more challenging task to successfully run a Care or  Nursing Home that maintains a high level of care for its residents  as well as high levels of occupancy and profitability.

With the right team behind you providing an effective plan to increase your homes profile locally and online you will be generating those all important enquires that lead to empty beds being turned into paying residents.

With a higher level of care and quality throughout the home it can be possible to consider raising fee levels again increase profits.

We have become the highest recommended marketing company for care homes in the UK through our successes and we can say with total confidence that we can do the same for you!